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Little Things You Should Do Now 2Greetings!

I was reminded today that Christmas is sneaking up on people this year. Normally we have a solid five weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not this year.

I went to a Christmas preparation workshop this week and it has helped me a great deal. It was more of a workshop about Christmas in everyday, not just for elves. We often overlook the little things we could or should be doing at Christmas. Sometimes it is just because we are too busy with other things but most often it is because we just don’t take time to think of it.

A good example is our Christmas stocking.

Most of us do not think about our Christmas stockings until, well, Christmas Eve…when we need it.

I think if we took it out of the box now or out of the closet now we might find our stocking needs a little help.

Christmas stockings are great because they are individual. No two stockings are alike. They should not ever be alike, just as two people are never alike. That is what makes them so cool. They are unique.

Now is the time to make your stocking even more unique. Take it out, clean it up and give it a new look.

I’m going to put this in the next employee newsletter. I think stockings are things that elves overlook too. We all need to take a look at them.

And do not forget — sometimes stockings are used for things besides gifts. Sometimes it is kind of like a mailbox. We call it “stocking mail”. Those of you who have followed along for years here on SantaUpdate.com already know what that is.

But if you are new, well, you’ll soon find out about what a special thing stocking mail can be.

We have big news coming up this week — from the Tracking Center. You will want to be ready for that!

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