Epic Halloween Opens Christmas Season

Epic Halloween Opens Christmas Season 1

Epic Halloween Opens Christmas Season 2Greetings all!

The North Pole awakens today to a fresh blanket of snow after a rare Halloween blizzard landed while elves and their families were trick-or-treating for Halloween yesterday. Most activities, including the annual Halloween Party at the North Pole, had to be held inside. It was an epic event anyway, despite the frightful weather.

For those of you who are new or joining us for the first time this year you need to understand that Halloween is a major milestone in the countdown to Christmas. Elves really look forward to it every year and Mr. and Mrs. Claus always make sure that Halloween is an enjoyable event.

This year was no exception.

The party began, as it usually does, with a parade as elves filed in one by one to have their costumes “showcased”. There is a big costume contest, you see, and winning that contest is a high honor. That is why elves spend so much time on elaborate costumes. The winner this year was Elf Phillis. She came as a storm. I still don’t know how she did it, but it was fantastic. She literally looked like a little could. You could not see her face at all. She floated around the room and made it rain or snow on command. It was spooky and funny at the same time.

Of course, Phillis works in the research and development department at the North Pole. Her work is generally top secret. She did tell me that she works on the sleigh design team and that much of her work involves making Santa’s sleigh fly in different kinds of weather. So she knows a lot. I heard one of her co-worker elves call her “Dr. Cranston”, which tells me she is a very smart elf and must do really important work.

Elf Phillis last night was just an elf though, and she is a fun one. When the Halloween party turned into a food fight — as it usually does — Elf Phillis helped clean up by making her cloud costume “rain” in just the right places. Cleanup went by pretty quick because of her.

The party went late into the night. Santa announced last night that work would begin a little later this morning because the party went on so long. But I can tell you that most elves were at work very early this morning anyway. They are ready for Christmas and the day after Halloween is really the first day of Christmas here at the North Pole.

They just couldn’t wait to get here today.

So Operation Merry Christmas has begun. It’s November 1st. We can see already the job that is ahead of us in getting Santa ready to fly. And we are excited to do it.

Won’t you join us for the journey?

Between now and Christmas I will be sharing the story of Operation Merry Christmas. That is what we call the project of getting Santa flight worthy. Then we track his flight around the world sharing all the news we can of Santa, the North Pole and everything behind the merry effort. Please stop by often.

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