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3 Months Until Christmas

Hi all! Today marks just three months until Christmas but if you look outside my window you’d think it is Christmas Eve!

The snow is falling outside and it is starting to pile up on the ground. And there are reindeer in the air! The sleigh port is about as busy as can be. The reindeer are returning home!

As you know, they leave every year in the spring and come back home in the fall. They started returning more than a week ago and more and more seem to arrive each day. Santa has not yet gathered them for their first flight meetings but I hear he might do so in the next few days. The reindeer will begin training for Santa’s flight and to compete in the annual reindeer games, which are always a highlight here at the North Pole.

Of course things are very busy elsewhere here, too. All the talk seems to be about how many new elves Santa will need to help him this year. You will see a lot more coming out about that in the weeks ahead, I promise. The Santa Tracking Center is fully operational and those guys over there are hard at working trying to find those new elves!

Mrs. Claus is busy too. For her this is what she calls “cookie season”. All elf vacation times for the year are over and there are plenty of people here now. Mrs. Claus loves to feed them all cookies. And we love to get them because they are the best cookies in the world.

The seasons are changing and we’re starting to get very excited. I hope you are ready to stick with us for regular news updates of Santa and the North Pole!