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Santa Tracking Replay to Begin Soon

Santa Tracking Replay to Begin Soon 1

Well, we said last week there would be a big announcement and it just hasn’t happened yet. There is a good reason. Santa hasn’t been here and he’s the one making the announcement.

Santa went water skiing last week with some family and friends, then he took off on a hike. He lost all track of time and we…well,…we lost track of Santa. He finally showed up over the weekend and I told him we missed the big announcement and he only said, “Oh, was that supposed to be this week?”

So, sorry about that.

We are reconfiguring things right now. We have scheduled to begin in just a few hours our tradition replay of Santa tracking from last year. Santa does not want this year’s news to interrupt last year’s broadcast. So the big announcement will wait until…this next weekend. Likely Saturday, the 27th.

In the meantime, if you didn’t hear our broadcast last Christmas Eve…we will be starting a replay of it again in the next few hours. It’s a good two days of solid Christmas music only interrupted with the news as Santa flew around the world. If you didn’t hear it, now’s your chance to hear it again before we file it away in the archives forever.


Santa Tracking Replay to Begin Soon 2