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Big Announcement Coming

Big Announcement Coming 1

Big Announcement Coming 2Greetings, all!

We’re gearing up for our Christmas in July celebrations. I have had some things planned to announce for months now but I just got word that something big and extra special is coming next week.

In fact, the news is supposed to be so big the entire Kringle Radio news team is planning to be here to record a special edition of the North Pole Podcast.

Christmas in July at the North Pole is a tradition. We have a lot of fun and, as usual, we will be glad to include you. I am told this announcement though is a bit out of the ordinary, even for Christmas in July. So you will want to be around for it.

I am not sure when this big announcement is actually going to come but I’m guessing some time in the middle of next week. If I get something more definitive, I will let you know.

Big Announcement Coming 3