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6 Months Until Christmas

6 Months Until Christmas 1

Leon DayHello, Merry Christmas and Happy Leon Day! It is now only six months until Christmas.

It’s Leon Day weekend here at the North Pole and elves here could not be more excited.

Leon, of course, is “Noel” spelled backwards so today is also Merry Backwards Day at the North Pole.

That means we wear our clothes backwards, we walk backwards, and we even talk backwards. It’s a goofy day where a lot of mistakes are made, not of work gets done and we bump into a lot of things.

But it is an important day because it means a big change to our routines. We’re on the down hill side to Christmas now and that is exciting.

At the North Pole we kind of look forward to Leon Day because it is, for us, the real beginning of Christmas in July.

We always do a lot of stuff during Christmas in July but I think the best part of it is just ramping up the Christmas spirit.

We hear more Christmas music, we make big Christmas plans, we start to decorate and eat the foods of Christmas we love. Yes, there are still summer things that we do but starting Christmas in the middle of July is one of our happier traditions.

So stick with us. We have some exciting announcements coming for the month of July and you’ll want to be here!  

6 Months Until Christmas 2