8 Months Until Christmas

8 Months Until Christmas 1

8 Months Until Christmas 2Hi ho! Only eight months to go!

Yes, Christmas is just around the corner. Don’t believe me? You should see the workshop up at the North Pole right now. We’re so busy it looks like Christmas Eve. Elves are everywhere. Toys are everywhere. Machines are noisily working, tools are grinding, buzzing and sawing, and all are engaged in getting things done.

Why are we so busy?

Well, we had a lot of down time last month because of elf training. As I told you last month, the workshop was dark. So we have a little catching up to do.

And we’ll be doing this until the middle of next month…then the workshop slows down again. A lot.


Because of elf vacation season!

Yup, from the middle of May until about the middle of June we all get to take a week or two off. Santa rotates us so that the North Pole doesn’t entirely shut down. But things do move slower because there just are not as many elves around to do what elves do.

The workshop isn’t the only thing affected. The reindeer barn is much slower because, well, reindeer are elves and those who do stay at the North Pole year round leave to go on their little vacation, too. (Where does a reindeer go on vacation? Just about anywhere they want because they can fly themselves there. Reindeer are lucky).

You’re going to ask, so I’m going to tell you now, and the answer is yes, this elf is going on vacation, too. Where am I going and what am I doing? That’s a topic for next month. I’ll tell you after I get back. For now, it’s my little secret.

8 Months Until Christmas 3