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350 Days Until Santa’s Launch

Launch Countdown

Countdown to Santa's LaunchHowdy, tracker elves and fans of Santa!

My name is Elf Max. Some of you know me better as the lead site support elf at SantaTrackers.Net.

My job here is to keep you informed of the countdown to Santa’s launch of the sleigh for next Christmas. The countdown presently sits at just 350 days until Santa takes off.

If Santa had to take off today he would be in big trouble. We start each season with the clean slate. What that means is that we have nothing to launch Santa at the moment. Thank goodness we’ve got 350 days!

Santa needs a flight plan, he needs a sleigh and he needs stuff to put in it. None of that is ready.

But we’re working on it.

Santa has met with the elves in the Research and Development Department here at the North Pole to get the design of Santa’s new sleigh going. They are just talking so far. They will be for months. They will talk about how the sleigh performed this past Christmas and things they might want to do to make the sleigh a little faster this year.

There will be meetings, drawings and more meetings and more drawings. Finally some models will be made. Then more meetings and drawings. At some point, Santa will give the word to build out a model into a real sleigh. They will build it and then begin testing it.

I’ll keep you informed of all this stuff in our countdown to launch. I hope you stick with us and enjoy the countdown!

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