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Live Radio Broadcast to Begin Soon

Tracking Santa Radio Broadcast

Live Radio Broadcast to Begin Soon 1Our Christmas Eve radio news coverage is soon to begin. You can listen to it right here on Santa Update or on any of the official websites of the North Pole.

The news room at the North Pole this year will be anchored by Elf Holly Berry, her first time sitting in what we like to call “The Big Chair”. But Holly is a veteran of many Christmas Eve newscasts and is well suited for the job.

Near her at the North Pole Flight Command Center is the news voice of Kringle Radio, Elf Frank Myrrh. He will be there as flight directors provide the up-to-date latest on Santa’s position.

His partner in news reporting is our Eye-in-the-Sky reporter elf, Elf Crash Murphy. Crash is tasked with following Santa around the world in a chaser sleigh and providing news updates of Santa as he travels. His is an exciting job and Crash’s eye-witness reports are simply the best.

In Sector 1 this year and anchoring the news for the first part of Santa’s flight is new anchor Elf Al Pyne. Al is located on an island in the Pacific and has dozens of reporters at his disposal working all over Sector 1 to provide news updates.

In Sector 2 is veteran newsman Elf Rusty Belz. This is Rusty’s first venture into Asia and the Middle East and his legendary reports will now add this diverse area of the world to his first class portfolio.

In Sector 3 this year is Elf Roz, taking the helm to report on Europe and Africa. Elf Roz has reported from here for many years and knows the elves, the people and the many cultures in Sector 3 very, very well.

Sector 4 this year is Elf Merry Ann Brite, covering the countries of Central and South America. Elf Merry Ann has been here before, speaks several languages and always provides well informed reporting.

Sector 5 is once again manned by the charming Elf Red Stocking, who returns to North America to bring Santa home once again. Red’s enthusiastic and emotion reporting has endeared him to Santa fans all over the world and we’re anxious to hear his observations of Santa coming from Sector 5.

Live Radio Broadcast to Begin Soon 2