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Understanding Sectors

Santa Tracking

Understanding Sectors 1Merry Christmas, all!

Over the course of the next few days you will read and hear about us talking of “sectors”. Sectors are how North Pole Flight Command has divided up the world. They represent broad groups of time zones that may have many countries included with it.

Santa organizes his flight plan according to these sectors.

Sector 1 is #1 because it is where Christmas happens first. It covers the countries of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, all of Indonesia, Vanuatu, Japan, the Philippines, Guam, Wake Island, and extreme northern parts of Siberia near the International Dateline. This is a very interesting sector because not as many people live here as in other sectors and the weather ranges from the frigid to the very, very hot. Santa spends hours in this sector delivering to ships at sea and tiny islands.

Sector 2 covers Asia and the Middle East. This massive sector covers a huge part of the world populated by billions of people. It covers all of Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, all of South East Asia and the countries of the Middle East. Not as many people here are believers so Santa tends to deliver here rather quickly.

Sector Map

Sector 3 is Europe and Africa. This merry sector contains thousands of believers and some of the most active Santa trackers in the world. This is a very challenging sector for Santa because of the number of believers and the many different kinds of terrain and weather. From the snowy heights of the Swiss Alps to the dry of the Africa desert this sector has it all.

Sector 4 is Central and South America, a warm-weather destination filled with merry souls and many believers. There are millions of Santa trackers here. From Mexico to the North and Argentina to the south this sector covers all the countries of Latin America including many of the island nations of the Caribbean.

Sector 5, the grand-daddy of all sectors, covers North Amercia. The believers and trackers of Santa in this last and great sector are rabid believers. This covers all of Canada, the United States and the remote areas of Greenland and the Arctic. They are the final sector on Santa’s journey and they have to wait until every one else has their Christmas before they can celebration their own. The wait for them sometimes seems very, very long.

Each sector is different. Each offers unique challenges for Santa. Each has a story to tell and that’s our job. We’ll tell you what happens on Santa’s flight in EVERY sector.

Understanding Sectors 2