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Tracker Elves Checking In World Wide

Tracker Elves Checking In World Wide 1

Tracker Elves Checking In World Wide 2Over at SantaTrackers.net the watch has begun. As the hours to Santa’s launch tick away tracker elves are getting organized and ready to support the effort of helping Santa get around the world.

This is a fairly new innovation at the North Pole. The idea of tracking Santa FOR SANTA isn’t one the world has fully embraced but we project better than 12 million have caught that vision and have decided they want to become an elf.

Yes, the work of tracking Santa is now elf work. Here’s a radio news report explaining it:

If you want to get in on that action you’ll need to sign up fairly soon. These guys are getting busy as Santa’s launch is not far away. Their job is to feed information to the North Pole and right now, as you read this, millions of trackers world wide are sending in weather information, air traffic information, and information about local conditions to the North Pole.

All of this data is compiled for Santa’s use while on his flight. It makes for a safe flight, a faster flight and, frankly, a more jolly flight over all. Experts estimate that worldwide indexes of Christmas spirit and merriness are expected to rise at least 20% because so many are tracking Santa for Santa.

At with this report we pass another milestone in Operation Merry Christmas. Our next report actually kicks off what we call our pre-launch coverage of Santa Around the World. Keep your browser and your radio tuned right here!

Tracker Elves Checking In World Wide 3