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Maybe Blitzen is Okay

Maybe Blitzen is Okay 1

Wow, you can sure tell Christmas is just a few days away. Our report from earlier today has caused all kinds of concern about Blitzen and the status of Santa’s flight.

Well, relax.

On North Pole Radio News it was reported a short time ago that maybe Blitzen is okay. Take a listen:

I would also tell you that when I had my daily phone call with Santa earlier today he too brushed off the concerns about Blitzen. Santa says he is so certain that Blitzen will be there on Christmas Eve that he would wear a pink suit if Blitzen didn’t show up.

I’ll just tell you right now there is no way Santa would ever wear a pink suit. Just so you know.

I can tell you that the relief felt here at the North Pole when Crash filed that report is keenly felt. People are sighing a breath of relief.


Because things have gone so well this year. There have been so very few problems. Nobody wants to see that messed up.

Today is a very busy day. Elves everywhere here are working hard. They are trying not to mess anything up!

Maybe Blitzen is Okay 2