Great News from Santa’s Workshop

Santa's Workshop

Great News from Santa's Workshop 1Happy Wednesday!

There is a rumor going around Santa’s workshop and it’s a good one. With less than a week now before Christmas the news out of Santa’s workshop is nothing but positive. Production is way up and all signs point to an early completion of the work there. I’m told by one worker that they are already working on “last minute requests”, or LMRs, as they call them.

Santa receives wishlists from all over the world. He gets them in person, he receives them in letters, some even send them by text. The challenge is when a child changes their mind. On Monday they may say they want a new doll, then on Saturday they change their mind and say they want a toy car for an older doll to ride in.

This is a classic LMR.

Santa always trying to make things to order. He does not like waste. So the workshop has to be an efficient place. When a last minute request comes in there has to be retreival of the original toy first, then it goes befoe a review process that involves Santa. If there is a change to be made then a plan needs to be arranged for what to do with the old toy and whether or not there is enough stock of the new toy to fulfill the wishlist.

Sometimes there is not enough stock of a toy. Then ANOTHER decision has to be made about whether or not to make more of that toy. They have to figure out how many more of that toy to make, if there is enough time to make it right, and just how many more of them to make.

All of this takes a lot of time.

Frankly, in years past, the workshop has only had a few hours to deal with millions of last minute requests.

So if the elves are starting on those LMRs right now, you can be sure it is a good year in Santa’s workshop.

That means it is –possible– that Santa’s workshop might be done early this year.

And that means a lot of different things to people here at the North Pole.

I’ll explain more about that later.

Great News from Santa's Workshop 2