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Sunday Devotional Features Elf Choir

Sunday Devotional Features Elf Choir 1

Sunday Devotional Features Elf Choir 2Santa returned home briefly today to visit with Mrs. Claus and to attend the traditional North Pole Devotional. The event, as usual, was held at the North Pole Chapel and featured festive decorations and music.

The music was provided by the Elf Choir. This was their first performance in years.

In years past there has barely been time for the Elf Choir to gather together to practice. This year has been different. Not only has the choir had time to rehearse there has also been talk about them putting out a Christmas album.

They are very popular here at the North Pole.

I would tell you there is a general good feeling about Christmas this year. Everything feels just so…prepared. There has been time to do everything. I cannot recall a time when every department was so on top of things. That makes for a very relaxed and merry feeling.

I can tell you that elves at the North Pole are looking forward to this next week like never before. People are singing, making plans to track Santa and already kitchens are busy making the fun and festive foods of Christmas.

We hope your day today is restful and that you too are getting ready for a fun week-before-Christmas!

Sunday Devotional Features Elf Choir 3