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Feeding Santa 2Happy Friday, all! Mrs. Claus was on television today at the North Pole and what she had to say has everyone here at the North Pole talking. Mrs. Claus was talking about feeding Santa on Christmas Eve.

When anyone mentions Santa and food on Christmas Eve the first thought everyone has is cookies. It is a tradition in many parts of the world to make and leave out cookies and milk for Santa. This tradition started many, many years ago long before the invention of the modern oven and, well, the modern cookie.

In fact, the tradition of leaving a treat for St. Nicholas has always been a thing. Santa believes that is because children everywhere just want to prove their gratitude and, like Santa, just want to be giving. Santa says he loves the cookies of Christmas Eve because he can taste the love that went in to making them.

Mrs. Claus, however, explained in even greater detail how important food is to Santa — and by extention, to the reindeer — on Christmas Eve.

“Santa flies around the world over a course of about 35 hours,” Mrs. Claus said. “That takes a tremendous amount of energy. Santa is in and out of the sleigh, and into and out of chimneys and doorways. He climbs stairs, walks on roofs and he has to move very, very quickly. This is why, on rare occasions, folks will see Santa in their homes getting a drink of water from the kitchen or looking in the fridge. Santa cannot live on cookies alone!”

Here at the North Pole we have our own websites and apps that we use as elves and those venues instantly lit up online as elves everywhere threw out their ideas of new stuff to feed Santa at Christmas. “I’m firing up my barbeque!” said Elf Wilmer, a grilling enthusiast. He seems to think Santa would like some ribs on Christmas. Another elf who goes by Elf Cindy-Green-Leaf said she would leave Santa and the reindeer out a salad.

The ideas were endless.

As for Mrs. Claus, she says that she always packs Santa a number of meals for him to take on the sleigh. But Mrs. Claus declined to say what she packed exactly.

On North Pole Radio News Elf Crash Murphy also talked about how hungry HE gets just following Santa around the world as part of the Santa Tracking effort. Here is what he had to say:

Will all this new information change the traditions of the world and what they leave out for Santa?

Santa does not think so…and he hopes nothing changes. Santa told me, “I eat probably too much on Christmas Eve! When a child leaves out a little plate of goodies, no matter what they are, I gotta try them. They expect me to and I don’t want to let them down. And I will tell you — 99 times out of 100, it’s pretty good!”

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