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Sleigh Bells to Be Flight Tested

Sleigh Bells to Be Flight Tested 1

Sleigh Bells to Be Flight Tested 2Greetings!

Few people know or understand the art and science of the sleigh bells on Santa’s Sleigh. They just don’t go out and buy sleigh bells at the dollar store and slap them on the sleigh.

Santa’s Sleigh has more than 2000 bells and each bell is hand-made to ring at a certain pitch. The bells are matched to each other and it is required that they be placed in a certain position. The bells are literally orchestrated to create a specific sound.

Some of the sleigh bells ring at a pitch that is too high for the human ear to hear.

But these special bells are not silent for the reindeer. In fact, the whole point of sleigh bells on Santa’s sleigh is to serve the reindeer.

Santa’s reindeer work as a team. In order to make the sleigh fly it takes an extraordinary amount of power. This power can only come from all the reindeer working together. The reindeer can only work together by being focused on a single thing. That single thing is the sound of the sleigh bells.

Those merry bells are designed to ring in a certain rhythm, at a particular pitch, in cold weather, wet weather and even warm weather.

The speed of the sleigh, the wind, and even the movement of the reindeer can all affect how the sleigh bells sound. As a master pilot, Santa has to keep the bells ringing in a certain way in order to keep the reindeer on track.

It’s all highly technical.

This year a lot of work has gone into getting the sleigh bells just right. For the first time ever the sleigh bells will be flight tested. This next week the sleigh will be flown with the actual bells Santa will use on the sleigh when he flies on Christmas.

On board the sleigh this week will be bell specialists called audiologists. They know just the right way the bells should sound and they will be working to make sure they are perfect before Santa flies.

Sleigh Bells to Be Flight Tested 3