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There is a New Reindeer in Town

There is a New Reindeer in Town 1

There is a new reindeer in town and her name is Brinley.

She is just 4 years old but she has grabbed all the headlines at the Annual Reindeer Games. She leads in every category — speed, distance, endurance — everything. She has so far won every race she has been in.

And Brinley is very popular with the crowds. Brinley, you see, is a very energetic reindeer who seems to just glow as she competes. The more the crowd cheers for her the faster she goes.

Santa has not been in town this week to see her compete but I’m hearing rumors that even he seems to be impressed over what she shows over video.

There is also a rumor going around that Santa might make a rare December appearance at the reindeer games this year.

And yet another rumor is going around that some of the older reindeer do not like the challenge Brinley is posing. They plan to step up their game against her tomorrow.

The games close on Saturday.

Today is only Thursday. The semi-finals are Friday and the championship finals are on Saturday. Does Brinley stand a chance?

It remains to be seen. We will keep you posted as the news comes out.

There is a New Reindeer in Town 2