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Santa Adds More than 2 Million New Elves

Santa Adds More than 2 Million New Elves 1

Santa Adds More than 2 Million New Elves 2They are celebrating big milestones over at SantaTrackers.net. It is only the 5th of December and already they have more than 2 million new Tracker Elves signed up to track Santa for Santa this season.

That is way ahead of where they were last year at this time.

The world has a variety of ways to track Santa. But there is nothing like doing it Santa’s way.

We offer a unique take on it. With us you can track Santa as an elf — like we all do here at the North Pole. The goal isn’t just to count down the hours until Santa comes. The goal is to help Santa do it!

Tracker elves work in the hours of December 23rd and December 24th to provide information to the Flight Command Center at the North Pole. It is much more than just weather reports (although, that is an important part of what they do). They provide information for Santa to fly in their own neighborhoods and to come to their own houses.

By the time the recruiting season ends and the trackers go to work Santa will hopefully have more than 6 million new pairs of eyes watching the skies. They join an army of nearly 20 million other elves who have tracked Santa for Santa for years around the globe.

Becoming an elf and being an elf is not for everyone. You can always track Santa the old way by using non-North Pole sources to follow Santa. But doing it the North Pole way allows you to embark on an elf career.

We hope you join us.

Santa Adds More than 2 Million New Elves 3