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High Tech Speeds up the Wrapping Department

Wrapping Department

Wrapping DepartmentElf Wally is having a great season so far in the Wrapping Department. Even though Santa’s Workshop is way ahead of their production goals the Wrapping Department is not backed up in the least. In fact, they are relaxed and completely stress-free so far this year.

This is a big change for the Wrapping Department. They are usually the last elves working every Christmas Eve. But this year elves are confident they will be able to attend the North Pole Christmas Party while Santa flies around the world.

What has changed?

The Wrapping Department has been redesigned from the ground up. They have examined every process, retrained all elves working there and they have added some new technology that speeds up the wrapping process.

It is very impressive to see.

They have a new machine that spits out wrapping paper like an automated tape dispenser. As a new gift — boxed or not — comes down the line elves position it to go through a 3-D scanner. The weight of the gift is figured first then precise measurements are taken automatically by robot from 18 different angles. In the blink of an eye a perfectly custom cut piece of wrapping paper comes out and covers the top of the gift.

Then, without an elves hands having to touch it, special high-speed wind blades blows and positions the paper around the gift. Then it trims any excess paper off and applies a new type of tape that is barely visible, extremely thin and four-times as strong as regular cello tape. An elf doesn’t touch it until the wrapping and tagging is complete.

Production is up triple digits in Wrapping, justifying all the time Santa and Mrs. Claus spent there together over the summer tryng to perfect it.

Plus, Santa added more than 40 new elves to the Wrapping Department and they are feeling very, very confident.

It is a bit surreal to me how smoothly things are going so far this Christmas compared to recent years. We’re having so much fun!

High Tech Speeds up the Wrapping Department 1