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Traditional Christmas for Mrs. Claus

Traditional Christmas for Mrs. Claus 1

Traditional Christmas for Mrs. Claus 2Howdy, all! Happy Saturday to you.

Lots of mail arrived this week and much of it contained questions about Mrs. Claus. Seems I haven’t been talking much about her either. Everyone wants to know what her role will be this year after taking such a big role last year.

Last year was a tough Christmas for nearly everyone here at the North Pole. So many things went wrong. This year is very different from that. Mrs. Claus has told me she is glad things are “back to normal”.

Mrs. Claus was so busy last year helping to run things. We had so many sick elves and at first she helped with that. Then she had to take over for a while at Santa’s workshop in December, then later at North Pole Flight Command. Then on Christmas Eve she hopped in her own sleigh and even helped Santa! Remember that?

I bumped into Mrs. Claus earlier today at the North Pole Cookies-for-Kids event at the North Pole Medical Center. She was there giving cookies to children receiving treatment there.

I asked her what she plans to do this Christmas.

“I plan to stay home and be Mrs. Claus!” Mrs. Claus said. “My job is here, with the elves, helping them and seeing that they have a great Christmas!”

A lot of people forget that Mrs. Claus is an elf too. She is willing to do anything to help Santa. Last year she showed that in many unusual ways. But she really enjoys the North Pole Christmas and focusing on the people who are here, especially on Christmas Eve when Santa ventures out into the world.

I get to see Santa later today. He tends to come home later on Saturday nights during the Christmas season. There are many late night and early morning meetings on weekends when he dashes home. I’m going to ask him about Mrs. Claus but I already know what he is going to say.

He will say that he cannot be Santa without her. That she could do his job a hundred times better than he can. Santa always says that Mrs. Claus is his Queen, that he always answers to her because she is always right. She has the highest standard, the biggest heart and the greatest love of any elf.

Some in the world think that Mrs. Claus needs to be Santa sometimes to prove that she, as a woman, is just as great as Santa is.

Both Santa and Mrs. Claus think that is silly. Mrs. Claus is happy with her role. She loves it, in fact. “Being an elf to elves and Santa to Santa is the greatest honor any elf can have,” Mrs. Claus said. “I’m the only elf in the world that gets to do that!”

She considers it a blessing!

Traditional Christmas for Mrs. Claus 3