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Communicating with Santa

Communicating with Santa 1

Communicating with Santa 2Hi everyone!

I stopped by the North Pole Post Office today. Boy, are those elves busy!

Elf Hugo, our postmaster, told me it would be a good idea if I talked to you a little about communicating with Santa.

You know, it used to be so easy. Back in the old days you just wrote Santa a letter. You can still do that and Santa loves that.

But we have many ways to send Santa mail. Hugo wants you to know about all of them.

Send email to Santa via the online North Pole Post Office at ElfHQ.com. You’ve all done that, right?

Now, if you have a phone or a device that allows it you have several options. Call Santa, text Santa — whatever. To learn how to do that, just go to JingleKringle.com. Those resources, of course, are all FREE.

Now, naturally, if Santa is close by where you live we encourage you to pop in and see him. Talk to him for a little bit. He loves that too.

There is one other way to get hold of Santa that we call Stocking Mail. We’ll tell you a little about that as we get closer to Christmas.

Have a super day!

Communicating with Santa 3