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Reindeer Crowding at the North Pole

Reindeer Crowding at the North Pole 1

Reindeer Crowding at the North Pole 2I’m glad to report today on the reindeer situation at the North Pole.

First of all, Santa’s reindeer are all well. They have been training hard since September and each one of them are in top condition. The reindeer games this year are going to be fierce!

Second, we are seeing more and more reindeer arriving at the North Pole every day. They are everywhere.


Many are just visitors. Some are family of reindeer who are on Santa’s team.

Others are family of support reindeer — those reindeer who fly in the Christmas effort but don’t exactly fly for Santa. Some are shuttle reindeer, some are scouts, some are trainers, some are utility reindeer who serve many roles.

Just like with elves, the opportunity to work as reindeer for Santa is a very prestigious thing. (In fact, as we have told you before reindeer are elves).

Most reindeer are very interested in the reindeer games and enjoy the competition. That’s why many of them are here. Santa encourages them to come because the games teach them a lot about the work of Santa and Christmas.

Some come here to find work.

You see, it can be a lonely thing to be a reindeer.

So the reindeer come to the North Pole from around the world. They want to be part of the Christmas effort. This makes them part of a family. This gives them purpose. Santa always welcome them.

The reindeer were also talked about on today’s radio news at the North Pole. Listen to Elves Frank and Crash discuss the reindeer:

That’s the latest with the reindeer. If you feel I’m not updating you enough on the reindeer, please let me know.

Reindeer Crowding at the North Pole 3