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Production Way Up at the North Pole

Production Way Up at the North Pole 1

Production Way Up at the North Pole 2Great news today!

A senior staff meeting of key elves at the North Pole reported that productivity in all critical departments at the North Pole are way ahead.

Santa’s workshop is now 5 days ahead of schedule. That is a significant number because if a monster blizzard or something hits the North Pole the week before Christmas we have some room to work still in getting everything done.

The Wrapping Department is a miracle. Even though the Workshop is moving ahead at top speed the Wrapping Department is keeping up with it. I visited with Elf Wally over in the Wrapping Department today and he was very proud. The floors there are shiny and absent of any trash. The walls and the shelving are all organized and neat. Elves there are busy but not rushing around. I’ve never seen the Wrapping Department like this!

“It is my mission,” Elf Wally said, “that my elves in my department do not have to still be working once Santa launches. These guys and gals work hard every day of the year and I want them to enjoy their Christmas Eve. We will not stop or slow down. Once that workshop finishing something and it needs to be wrapped, we’re grabbing it and not letting things pile up!”

They are doing a superb job.

In fact, if there is one thing I want to emphasize with you it is that elves here at the North Pole this year are squarely focused on quality. They are putting out good work.

I am proud to be associated with it!

Production Way Up at the North Pole 3