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Santa on the Road

Santa on the Road 1

Santa on the Road 2Happy Monday greetings to you!

Operation Merry Christmas continues at top speed today. Everyone here at the North Pole is so busy.

One who is not here but working hard anyway is Santa. He left right after the festivities last week. Between now and Christmas his big goal is to talk to as many people as possible. You may run into him.

Santa travels to so many places. This past week with so many parades and lighting events and such he had his picture in the news a great deal. These events take time and he gets tired but it is happy work to Santa. He loves to meet people face to face.

Some times Mrs. Claus goes with him and some times she stays home.

Mrs. Claus has a special role at the North Pole. She is kind of in charge when Santa is not here. So she tries not to travel with him too much at this time of year.

Someone has to keep us on track.

But honestly, Operation Merry Christmas is going to smoothly there isn’t much for Santa or Mrs. Claus to say other than, “Good job, elves!”

We hope you enjoy your week with what you are doing and that you remember to stop in here at SantaUpdate each day as we count down the final days before Christmas.

Santa on the Road 3