One Month Until Christmas

One Month Until Christmas 1

One Month Until Christmas 2Greetings!

All eyes were on the workshop today — the new workshop, I would point out — in the grand atrium, where everyone passes both coming in and leaving Santa’s workshop and it’s many departments. The grand atrium has a very, very high ceiling with walls made of glass. This gives the elves a look at the snowy world outside.

In this great setting elves were gathered both inside and outside to see the great clock that now is high in ceiling of the atrium showing the day, hours, minutes and seconds until all the work must be done. That should hit zero around the time that Santa is supposed to launch. The countdown that you see in the upper righthand corner of the website is the exact same thing shown on the workshop countdown clock.

Each day that clock drops a little lower.

By the time we have gone through the next 31 days the clock we be at nearly eye-level — so close that an elf can touch it!

Time is of the essence right now. We all feel it.

None are too worried, however. As we reported yesterday, the workshop is ahead of schedule. Other departments are reporting the same. In fact, I cannot remember a time when at this point in the season things were in this good of shape.

Things are just going very, very well at the North Pole.

Stay tuned. I heard a rumor there might be a radio report to share with you later today about…something I can’t say anything about yet.

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