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North Pole Shuts Down for Thanksgiving


ThanksgivingSanta suprised everyone by announcing that the day before Thanksgiving will only be a half-day at the North Pole. Everything is shutting down.

That is very unusual in the middle of the week. It might be a good indication of how prepared Santa is feeling about the state of things at the North Pole.

The Workshop is shut down, the North Pole Flight Command Center is shut down, the Wrapping Department is shut down. Most of the North Pole will be dark.

There will still be some elves working. The North Pole Post Office will keep a few elves on hand, and of course, my department here in Public Relations will be working the websites and updating the news.

Elves are pretty excited about having extra time to be working on their trikes for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving Day Elf Parade. Or, for the lights on their houses for the North Pole Lighting Contest. Thanksgiving is such a big day we almost NEED a day off just to be ready for it all.

We hope you enjoy your day today and tomorrow. If you celebrate Thanksgiving where you are today can be a day filled with pies being baked and food being prepared. What a fun thing!

Talk to you soon!

North Pole Shuts Down for Thanksgiving 1