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Why the North Pole Loves Thanksgiving


ThanksgivingThe elves over at the North Pole Post Office tell me they are getting a lot of mail about Thanksgiving. They say people want to know why it is such a big deal at the North Pole.

I think it is a fair question.

Thanksgiving is an ancient practice that is celebrated in many places around the world. It is called different things by different people. But basically the idea behind it is being grateful for the things you have.

It is natural to see why Santa loves it so much. Santa says that when you are grateful for the stuff you have it is easy to give to other people. Giving is what Santa is all about. For Santa, that makes Thanksgiving part of Christmas.

On North Pole Radio News over at Kringle Radio, Elf Frank and Elf Crash discussed this today on the radio:

Please feel free to send us your questions about Thanksgiving. We love to talk about it.

Why the North Pole Loves Thanksgiving 1