North Pole Gets Ready for Thanksgiving


ThanksgivingIt will be a festive week here at the North Pole — one filled with both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We have long told you that Thanksgiving is Santa’s favorite holiday. I don’t know why that is still a shock to some people. But elves love Thanksgiving, too — and they celebrate it in big ways.

It begins with the North Pole Thanksgiving Day Elf Parade. All the elves decorate their trikes and parade up Main Street in North Pole Village.

Trikes? Yes, I said trikes. At the North Pole there are trikes for all sizes — not just for little children. Most elves have trikes and, let me tell you, they can get quite fancy. Many have bikes too but trikes are where it is at for elves. Why? I don’t know. We just think they are cool.

Decorating the trike in inventive ways and accessorizing it with things like lights or streamers or umbrellas is just an outlet for elves. They ride them year round, too. They put big tires on them to even make it possible to ride them in the snow, which is a good thing because we have plenty of snow for Thanksgiving this year.

If an elf is not working on his trike for the parade then he is putting up lights on his house. This, too, is a big North Pole tradition of Thanksgiving. Santa leads us on a walkabout when it gets dark to see all the lights. It’s a magic night. A big part of starting Operation Merry Christmas.

Anyway, I’ll tell you all about it as it happens. We hope you stop by here to enjoy the news!

North Pole Gets Ready for Thanksgiving 1