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Reindeer Ready to Rock

Reindeer Ready

Reindeer ReadyI’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about Santa’s reindeer. I guess I have been negligent of reporting news of the reindeer so far this year.

We told you months ago that the reindeer returned early to the North Pole. That means they have been training for much longer than usual.

That means they are ready — really ready.

The next week will be all about Thanksgiving but by next weekend we will be talking about the serious business of Santa and Operation Merry Christmas. The reindeer are a huge, huge part of that.

First comes the reindeer games. The reindeer games are not just games. They are not just training. They are competition.

It gets pretty intense. Well, among the reindeer. A lot of people believe that reindeer are gentle creatures and in most instances they are. But you also have to remember, these reindeer are elves. They work for Santa.

Like all elves that means they have giving hearts. They want to do well. They try very, very heard to always serve Santa and to be the very best they can be. And that is what makes the reindeer games so intense.

We expect that more than ever at this year’s reindeer games. Don’t worry — we will bring you all that news. And trust me: Santa’s reindeer will be in top condition by flight time on Christmas Eve.

There will be a lot of news this week. So please check back often. It’s gonna be fun!

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