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The Art of Choosing an Elf Name

Elf name

Elf nameHey everybody!

We’re on the verge of a big week at the North Pole – it’s Thanksgiving and the start of Operation Merry Christmas. There is much to share with you this weekend about that.

We’d like to congratulate the hard working elves of SantaTrackers.net.

As you well know there is a big effort underway right now to recruit 6,000,000 new tracker elves to track Santa for Santa this year. That’s a HUGE goal. As of today, they have cleared their first milestone in meeting that goal. So far there are more than 501,258 new elves this year coming to work in the merry effort of tracking Santa.

Now, that might not seem like a lot compared to the overall goal but it is actually a very good result. After all, it is not even Thanksgiving yet.

Plus, that’s a LOT of new elves already. Most of them are in training, learning what they need to learn to help the Tracking Department track Santa around the world.

With so many new elves starting their elf careers they get to make one of the biggest and most important choices they will ever make: coming up with their elf name.

For some this is a very easy thing to do. For others, it is very difficult.

In the latest radio news report at the North Pole Elves Frank and Crash talk about what goes into an elf name and how to choose one:

What would YOUR elf name be?

If you want to be an elf, click here to sign up.

The Art of Choosing an Elf Name 1