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New Elves Recruiting New Elves

Santa Trackers

Santa TrackersIt looks to be a very busy weekend at the North Pole.

I just came from a news conference over at North Pole Flight Command where the Tracking Department just announced that heavy recruiting efforts for new tracker elves have led to thousands of new sign-ups in the past week.

More than 25,000 a day from around the world are signing up at SantaTrackers.net to receive training and to especially recruit new elves in the build up to Christmas.

Santa explained a few weeks ago that he wants “millions” of new tracker elves this year. For the guys over in the Tracking Department that means they have to find, train and manage 6 million new elves on top of the millions of returning elves who will be in service this season.

And that’s just the start of this weekend.

I’ve been told there is a new episode of the North Pole Podcast coming out this weekend and it is titled “The Secrets of Santa“. They actually had to lock down the studio from gaining an audience to that one when it was recorded this week, I’m told.

I’m also told to expect “other” breaking news this weekend, too.

I’m not sure what that means…but I’m sure we will talk about it when it happens.

A lot going on early here at the North Pole! Stay tuned.

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