Santa and Math 1

Santa and mathIt takes a lot of skills to be Santa Claus. But in a new question for Elf Crash Murphy we learn a little something about Santa that never crosses the minds of most people: Santa has to do a lot of math.

The question came to us from a huge fan of Santa. She is part of a class where she goes to school who follows along with Santa Update. Her name is Leslie and she was encouraged by her teacher to send in her question.

As usual, Crash did not hesitate to respond to the question. Listen to his answer:

We encourage children everywhere to not be afraid to ask these types of questions. We appreciate good teachers who encourage education and especially the need to ask questions like this.

Santa is a big fan of school. He loves school.

Like many, Santa was challenged in school and I would tell you candidly that math was an area that was hard for Santa when he was in school. But Santa would be the first to tell you that math was one of the most important subjects he studied and without that schooling he could not do the job he does as Santa.

We hope you enjoy school as much as Santa did. In fact, would you believe that Santa continues to go to school. He is forever learning. That is because school, to Santa, was always about learning more. That is why he goes back — even today.

So keep questions like this coming. We are eager to tell this side of Santa’s story.

Elf Ernest