Santa Explains Halloween and Christmas

North Pole Halloween

North Pole HalloweenToday is Halloween! I’m so excited.

Santa surprised everyone today by declaring it a full holiday. Nobody has to work today. That is very unusual for a holiday in the middle of the week like this, especially being so close to Christmas.

Santa had the bell ring this morning that announces special meetings. He called us all together first thing in the morning. He does that when he wants to talk to all of us about something important.

Today he told us that he wanted folks to remember what Halloween is all about. He said that the world is quickly forgetting that Halloween and Christmas are very closely related.

He said that anciently it was a practice of people in some parts of the world to use this time of year to celebrate their family members who had passed away. They would dress up as their grandparents, in whatever roles they had – and then they would go door-to-door wishing their neighbors well, asking for treats and having a good time.

The same thing would happen at Christmas, only there would be more singing of carols as they wandered through the streets.

Santa reminded us that the party is important. But he said when we hold the event like the Halloween party we should be remembering the people in our family who came before – to recognize that they are with us in spirit and that we should honor them with good cheer, good behavior, and kindness to all.

Isn’t that an awesome message?

So today is an unexpected day off. That is very unusual this close to Christmas. Santa must feel that things are in very good shape for us to take this kind of time off.

Happy Halloween to you and yours! We hope you have fun with your family and friends today.

Elf Ernest