Elves Go Crazy for Halloween Costumes

Halloween at the North Pole

Halloween at the North PoleToday is almost as big a holiday as Halloween is. Not many elves worked a full day today. Everyone is at home working on their costumes. They all want to win the costume contest at the party tomorrow.

To win the Halloween Best Costume award is a very big deal to an elf. Elves by their nature are creative and Halloween is a creative endeavor. So we see some really crazy costumes.

Secrecy is also big. You’re not supposed to tell anyone what your costume is. Elves will lock their garages and their special spaces where they do their costuming work.

One elf, Elf Freddo, is being so secretive this year he has installed fog machines on every side of his house so that you cannot even see it. You walk by his house and it looks like a giant cloud. It’s very cool and kinda spooky at the same time. We expect big things from Freddo this year.

Someone asked me if I will be in costume at the party and the answer is yes, I will. But my costume won’t be as crazy as the others. As a senior elf part of my duties are to kind of oversee events like this and not interfere with the fun.

Santa’s senior staff actually works the party. I’ll be helping to park sleighs this year. But in years past I have been a doorman and a server. And we all get to be on the judging panel for the best costume award.

My costume then has to be a bit more subdued. People at the party still need to recognize me. In fact, most elves go so over-the-top with their costumes that we cannot tell who some of them are. In fact, the costume contest winner is usually unknown until AFTER their costume has won the contest and we have to ask them who is inside of it.

So today is a little quiet while the elves are all busy working on their costumes. But it is a happy quiet. A quiet filled with anticipation and fun.

We hope you are doing the same thing with your costume!

Elf Ernest