Big Halloween Party Planned at the North Pole

North Pole Halloween

North Pole HalloweenHowdy all!

It’s a great week at the North Pole – it’s Halloween!

If you have been with us over the years you know how big a deal Halloween is at the North Pole. We do it a bit differently though. We do not go door to door in our costumes. Instead we gather for one massive Halloween party.

It is a great event – one of the biggest of the year!

It begins with costuming. That is what a lot of folks are working on today at the North Pole. We have a contest and there is a winner for best costume overall and best-dressed-guy and best-dressed-girl.

Of course, Santa and Mrs. Claus would not miss this event. Like everyone else, they will dress up in costume. Santa came as a pirate last year and Mrs. Claus came dressed as Cotton Candy. Hers was an especially awesome costume because it was big and pink and actually edible.

Speaking of things you can eat, the North Pole Halloween party is a huge affair for food. Mrs. Claus does not want the party to be all about sweets and treats so we kind of end the work day early and eat lunch together before setting up for the party.

But good food is there for the duration of the party, which goes far into the night.

The party has lots of music and dancing, games, and of course there is the costume contest. It is a lot of fun and a good little break before the real serious business of getting ready for Christmas begins.

So you will want to stop by SantaUpdate.com several times this coming week. There will be lots of news to share!

Elf Ernest