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Pictures of Santa’s Workshop

Santa's workshop

Santa's workshopIn an all new question for Elf Crash Murphy the big question is asked about showing pictures of the inside of Santa’s workshop.

When I heard that would be the question I could not help but wonder how Crash is going to handle it.

Santa’s workshop is quite the place to see. If it were open to the public it would be considered one of the great wonders of the world. That has always been true and it is definitely true this year because Santa is working in an all-new workshop.

That question actually could have come from right here at the North Pole. There are many elves that work in Santa’s workshop but many, many more at the North Pole who do not. Most here at the North Pole, even though they are elves, have never worked there. So most have never seen inside of it.

So this is a very good question.

Take a listen to Crash’s answer:

In other news here at the North Pole it is a big weekend. You might want to stop in and check out the news. With Halloween coming up next week a lot is going on. And on Sunday we have a big announcement to make.

Hope to see you here!

Elf Ernest