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Two Months Until Christmas

Two Months Until Christmas 1

Two Months Until Christmas 2Happy autumn greetings to you! It is the 24th day of the month and that means it is just two months now until Christmas!

Of course, here at the North Pole, there is now a lot of Halloween going on.

In case you did not know, Halloween is kind of a big deal here at the North Pole. We have special news coverage planned of our big party and the events going on. So you’ll get all the details.

Since we’re busy with Halloween, we assume that you are too.

Even though that is dominating things this whole week we have plenty of Christmas going on too. I know I shared last month how busy things were and how it felt like Christmas already. That feeling has not gone away.

In fact, it has been snowing plenty here and I’m seeing people starting to work on putting up their lights and outdoor decorations already. That is usually a big after-Halloween thing because we have the decorating contest that is part of our Thanksgiving night fun but with the weather being what it is some elves have started their decorating early.

We also have seen a lot of progress with Santa’s new sleigh. In fact, they are just about ready to go to their big test flight schedule. For the next two months they will be flying that sleigh in all kinds of conditions, making final adjustments before Santa’s flight. It is always exciting to see Santa’s new sleigh take off for the first time.

That’s a good thing because Santa’s reindeer are ready. There are thousands of them here and they have been training since early November. I’ve never seen them so ready! They want to fly like crazy. So testing the sleigh is a good way to keep some of them busy.

We have a number of our Santa tracking websites being worked on too. In fact, the changes appear to nearly be done and you will start to see some new features roll out.

One of the more interesting challenges we have comes from entire classes of school children who want to interact with the North Pole and ask questions. We love to help with that as much as we can. So we are looking for ways on our websites to handle that. We know classes will be out on Christmas Eve when Santa flies, so they won’t be tracking Santa together. But they can track Santa with us before Christmas!

So we are working on all that too.

And, of course, the all-new North Pole Podcast comes out this week too! We are very excited about that. Stay tuned for that announcement.

Have a great week!

Elf Ernest