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Santa Wants Millions of New Elves

Track Santa

Track SantaSanta has been meeting with elves at the Tracking Department this week and yesterday he dropped big news on the whole bunch.

In a late afternoon meeting Santa challenged the Tracking Department to recruit 6 million new tracker elves this year. Elf Roger Starr just about fainted when he heard the new goal. He just doesn’t know where Santa is going to find that many kids who want to be elves.

“Where can they be?” Elf Roger said after the meeting. “We turned over every rock last year just to find 5 million elves. Where does Santa expect us to find a million more?”

As we explained yesterday becoming a tracker elf is often the first step of any serious elf career. Nearly all of us at the North Pole worked as a tracker elf once upon a time. Tracker elves who keep at it can seriously end up at the North Pole working in a variety of ways — even here in the Public Relations Department.

So, if you’re ready to become a tracker elf head on over to SantaTrackers.net and get signed up. They’ll get you trained and ready to track Santa for Santa this Christmas.

Elf Ernest