Ask Crash: What a Tracker Needs

Ask Crash

Ask CrashFrank and Crash are back with another question from a fan. This time the talk is about tracker elves.

You know what that is, right?

A tracker elf is no regular elf. He or she could be anywhere in the world. YOU could be a tracker elf?

It’s true, you know. Santa recruits them by the millions every Christmas and their job is to track Santa for Santa.

Lost? Let me explain: Santa has a big job to do every Christmas when he takes flight. He’s got to get around the world, all in one night, deliver to every believer, and then get safely home before everyone wakes up.

How does he do it? Elves. Elves are the answer and you can be one of Santa’s elves. Millions of tracker elves are positioned all over the world every Christmas with one job and one job only: watch the skies. These elves are on duty reporting local traditions and sending information back to the North Pole.

To do that job an elf will need a few things. In this report that you can listen to by clicking the player below Elf Crash Murphy — perhaps the most famous Santa tracker in all the world — tells you exactly what you need as a Santa tracker tracking Santa for Santa.

Enjoy. And track Santa with us this year if you’ve never done it in the past!

Elf Ernest