Ask Crash: What Santa Brings

Ask Crash

Ask CrashIn their first official news segment of the 2018 season Frank and Crash go right to the mailbag to answer a big question:

Will Santa bring me anything I want?

That’s a very interesting question and when I heard that was going to be the first question of the year I wondered if Crash talked to Santa about it first. From the sounds of it, he did not.

I say that because I asked Santa about it and he said that Crash didn’t mention to him at all. In fact, Santa thought it was such an important question he had me run to the studio to get a copy of the record Crash made when he answered the question.

Santa listened to it and just laughed. He said Crash didn’t need any coaching on that question at all.

It is an interesting thing to hear what some kids want for Christmas. Most are nice and polite about it. I see many of the letters that come through. Santa tells me stories, too.

But every once in a while you hear a kid ask for things like a trip to the moon or their own car or something crazy like that. I don’t believe Santa ever disappoints the kids. But he can’t give them everything they want either.

It’s a good thing to talk about. Click the player below to listen to Crash’s answer.

Elf Ernest