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Thanksgiving in Canada

Thanksgiving in Canada 1

Breaking NewsHappy fall greetings to you! Santa has taken a brief trip away this weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family in Canada.

Thanksgiving in Canada is much like it is in other parts of the world. Folks gather to celebrate the harvest and have a big meal together. They also use the day to count their blessings and to speak of appreciation for the things they have. Santa loves the idea of Thanksgiving and celebrates it wherever he can.

It is the first time Santa has really taken a couple of days off all year, too.

Santa has been so very busy all year with setting up the new workshop and in getting more elves to work at the North Pole. He has held meetings and has conducted training. He has installed new equipment and shown elves how to build all kinds of new types of toys. He has worked with the reindeer in helping them learn to fly higher and faster without working harder to do it.

Santa has met with his sleigh designers and worked on making new things for his sleigh.

Santa has also refined operations in many of the working departments at the North Pole. The Wrapping Department, the Post Office Department, and even my little department here in Public Relations. Santa has simply been everywhere all year long making the North Pole work together more to get things done.

His efforts have brought very good results. The workshop is way ahead of schedule. Even the Wrapping Department is caught up. The reindeer came back early in September, too.

Everything is going so very well. We think it will be an awesome Christmas here at the North Pole.

So Santa deserves a few days off.

If you are one of those folks celebrating Thanksgiving now, Happy Thanksgiving! We hope it is a joyous occasion for you.

Elf Ernest