Three Months Until Christmas

North Pole Update

Three Months Until Christmas 1Happy Monday! It is the 24th day of September and that means there are officially now only 3 months to Christmas. Go crazy!

If you could walk the streets of North Pole Village you would think it was the first of December. There are elves everywhere. Every department here a the North Pole is humming. The workshop is going 24 hours a day and we are receiving new shipments of materials every day. There are plastics and metals and cloth and all manner of screws, nails and glue showing up all the time. Yet the elves there hardly look like they are working at all. Everyone is moving at a good pace but it is deliberate — very careful. The quality marks are off the charts there this year.

And production is up! In fact, I dare say that Santa’s new workshop is ahead of schedule.

But that’s not all. The sleigh designers are already testing new sleigh designs. It’s crazy because there is barely 12 feet of snow on the ground and yet there they are out there already doing ground tests. I have never seen them doing that at this point in the year.

The wrapping department is also already hard at work. They have more elves over there than ever before and with how fast the workshop is working the guys and gals in wrapping have to keep things snappy.

The offices are all busy here too. I can tell you that the websites we offer will ALL have exciting updates this year. There will be redesigns and increased news and information. In fact, in a meeting last week Santa charged what he calls the “web elves” to work a little harder and to be prepared to work around the clock come December.

The same is true of the Santa tracker effort. Santa says it will be bigger than ever!

I know for many of you the weather is still warm and in some places it still feels a bit like summer. I know many others do not get around to visiting us here until after Halloween is over.

That’s okay. We will wait for you.

I just hope you can catch up on all the news when you return!

Elf Ernest