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Suprise Return of Reindeer


Breaking NewsSuch big news to report!

Yesterday afternoon I was taking a class at the North Pole Flight Command Center. I’m trying to learn to be an air traffic controller here at the North Pole. No, I’m not changing jobs. Santa wants all elves every year to learn to do another job — it is something we spend a lot of time on. I thought this year I would study to become one of those guys in the Flight Command Center who keep track of sleighs coming and going all the time at the sleigh port.

Anyway — there I was, taking a quiz on bad weather flight patterns, when all of a sudden — loud alarms started going off everywhere. We all nearly jumped out of our skin. For one really quick second everybody looked at each other in disbelief. Then, all the elves who knew what they were doing jumped into action.

Soon these talented elves — all air traffic controllers, sleigh pilots or other kinds of flight specialists — were all pointing and looking to the southern horizon, saying a very large body of something was in flight and heading for the North Pole.

Within the seconds they recognized that this flying mass was actually Santa’s reindeer, all returning from their summer journeys to their homes around the world. Soon, everyone was cheering! What an exciting moment to be in the flight tower!

The reindeer are early — very early. And they arrived by the thousands — new ones, old ones, reindeer with no experience and reindeer with great skill. All manner of reindeer who work for Santa have arrived at the North Pole.

I quickly took my regular chair in the Public Relations department and started making phone calls. I wasn’t messing around: I called Santa directly.

He confirmed that he did indeed send for the reindeer. Santa said it was time for them to “get to work”.

I’m not sure what reindeer do each year to get ready for Christmas but they are here now and darn if they don’t start training today at the North Pole.

Normally this doesn’t happen until after Halloween. So this is very unusual.

But it has put everyone here at the North Pole in a very good mood. Last night, after dinner, many elves and their families wandered over to the Reindeer Barn to see some of their favorite reindeer. Everyone seemed so happy to see each other — like a little family reunion.

I don’t know why Santa’s reindeer are here now but they are and the reindeer, like the rest of us, are now very busy getting ready for Christmas.

We will keep you posted.

Elf Ernest