Seven Months Until Christmas

Seven Months til Christmas

Howdy! Tell all your friends – only 7 months now remain until Christmas!

Can you believe it?

We can’t. In fact, some are starting to feel a little anxious about that.

You see, next week we start moving some of the work teams from Santa’s old workshop to his new workshop.

The first ones to go are what we call the Glue Guys. These are elves who, as their name suggest, glue things together. They are, believe it or not, one of the biggest teams in the workshop. A lot of stuff these days gets glued and these guys do it all.

Why do they get to move first? Why not the carpenters, the riveters, the solderers, the electricians, the action figure technicians or the Department of Play Dough?

Well, there are two reasons and they both have to do with glue. You see, there is both hot glue and cold glue and working with them is very different. Hot glue has to flow and it moves through pipes and hoses after being heated up. In order for it to work and to make stuff stick together it has to maintain a certain temperature. It is all very technical and I guess it takes a long time to work out those things.

Cold glue can never stand in a pipe or a hose. It is only stored in seal containers and used in small quantities. That stuff is easy to move but not so easy to keep fresh. They have to make it at the right time it is needed and then use it within a certain date.

In all, the Glue Guys are going to need a few weeks to get up to speed. Half of them will remain in the old workshop, still gluing stuff together there, while the other half will move into the new workshop to get things up to speed.

All the departments kind of had to work like this. Santa has a whole plan that will take most of the summer to work through. He said we have to keep up production while we make the move so it is all a little tricky.

If we don’t pay attention to what we are doing it could very well mess up Christmas.

So that process has started and it makes a lot of elves nervous. But it is going well so far. I will keep you posted as the summer moves along.

Elf Ernest