A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start 1

Tomorrow is a big day at the North Pole. We meet together in the first of our meetings to review the year gone by and to make plans for the year ahead.

I have many things on my mind. In fact, I’ve already started to make some lists.

Today I took a walk over to the North Pole Post Office. Being a Sunday on a holiday weekend they are closed. That is kind of why I went there. This has become a tradition of mine.

I sat down to go through the mail — YOUR mail.

It has been all sorted and I’m not looking to read everything. I’m looking for your questions, your ideas, and your suggestions. We want to make the news coverage of Santa and the North Pole better. We want to answer more questions and to provide the kind of information you are looking for.

I am not the only one who has this idea to read the mail. I had only been at the Post Office for about a half an hour when Santa walked in. He does the same thing.

Santa was concerned because the mail gets sorted. He sees everything addressed to him. But he doesn’t see everything. He came to the post office today for the same reason I did. He wants to know what children, parents and followers of the North Pole think.

Santa and I held kind of an informal meeting on our own. It was very productive. Even fun!

Santa is an idea man. He is BURSTING with ideas. He has some really good ideas for 2018.

But before we go crazy and just start doing things I want to make sure we get all of YOUR ideas.

If you have spare moment today could you just send me your thoughts about the website, the North Pole news we publish, the Santa tracking information, the radio shows, the 800-number and texting service, the social media channels — you know, all the stuff we already do and let me know what you think about them and how we can improve them?

Just go to this link and let me know what you think.

This last year was great. But this next year can be better. I am dedicated to finding out how to make it better and getting the help we need to make it so. Please lend your voice and ideas in that effort.


Elf Ernest

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  1. andycaasaon
    andycaasaon says:

    dear santaclus iwould like too help you out next Christmas eve as aelf named andy cason and fly with you your friend andy

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