North Celebrates a Wild Christmas

North Celebrates a Wild Christmas 1

It has been an eventful Christmas for folks at the North Pole — and the craziness just hasn’t stopped.

The clouds parted just long enough for Santa and Mrs. Claus to enjoy a picture perfect landing over a thick, thick blanket of new snow. But not long after everyone had retired to the Claus residence to enjoy Christmas together than the storm started up again with a fury.

Christmas was celebrated by candlelight as the high winds knocked out power to everything at the North Pole, including the data center that powers Santa’s websites.

We have been in the cold and the dark for days since.

In fact, judging from much of the mail we are receiving from many of you in northern areas Old Man Winter is giving the chills to many people during this week of Christmas.

But hearts here are merry.

We’ve been put behind in our tasks yet again due to the weather but we gratefully acknowledge your many messages of love, thanks and well wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thank you for writing to us and telling us of your Christmas. And thank you for following along with us all year.

We hope you stick around as we begin a new countdown and the celebration of yet another Christmas ahead.

Elf Ernest