South Korea Celebrates Santa

Just an update for you on conditions at the North Pole:

– Weather: White-out, blizzard conditions persist. Support crews and tracking personnel dealing with it. There have been some power issues and for a while the data center serving North Pole websites was overwhelmed. But on the whole, operations have stabilized and a great deal is getting done.

– Workshop: Santa’s workshop is still at work. This is a new record. They have never worked this late before. Elves there vow to work as long as sleighs keep flying.

– Reindeer: A call has gone out to see if any more reindeer are available that can be pressed into service. They are considering using some younger and untrained reindeer if needed later today.

– North Pole Navy: The North Pole Navy appears to be mobilizing. Awaiting an official announcement on that to give us news.

Elf Ernest

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