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Some Talking Delays of Santa’s Launch

Some Talking Delays of Santa's Launch 1
North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Some Talking Delays of Santa's Launch

Rumors are flying as more and more senior elves at the North Pole openly debate delaying Santa’s launch.

The Flight Command Center has been a focus of Operation Merry Christmas so far here in the early going but at least they are operating on time. The real problem, and most senior elves here would agree, is that Santa’s Workshop is weeks behind schedule. How are they going to catch up and be done before Santa launches tonight?

There is just one problem. Only Santa’s Council make such a decision.

These elves, while senior in position, all lack the authority to gather Santa’s Council. If they cannot gather, they cannot decide to delay the launch.

The last word I received from Santa, about 4 hours ago, was that nothing will prevent him from leaving on time tonight. I know that tone in his voice.

He means it.

Here’s the latest report from Kringle Radio:

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