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North Pole Navy Deployed for Christmas Duty

North Pole Navy

For the third consecutive year Santa is making use of the North Pole Navy in the execution of Operation Merry Christmas. We don’t know yet what role these ships will play.

The are four ships in the North Pole Navy: the Gloria, Crystal, Ginger and Noel. The Gloria is presently in the South Pacific. The Crystal is in the Indian Ocean. The Ginger is off the coast of west Africa and the Noel is off the coast of Norway.

The North Pole Navy has been a top secret operation that Santa has kept closely guarded. Not much is frankly known about it.

However, these ships are huge, they are well staffed with sailors (elves), and they can carry a great deal of cargo.

They are just one more thing the fellas in the Tracking Department have to keep track of.

Elf Ernest
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