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Efforts Double with North Pole Airlift

Efforts Double with North Pole Airlift 1
North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Efforts Double with North Pole Airlift

Industrious elves at the North Pole Flight Command Center have swung open the back doors of the sleigh barn to let sleighs leave the other way. They do not open both doors at the same time, but rather through an alternative pattern made possible by putting six strong elves on each door and then timing their action.

For the past hour they have alternated in this fashion, effectively doubling the amount of flights that are at least able to leave the North Pole.

Since it is blowing snow all over the place and there is simply no way to tell the different between a runway and a field in this blizzard all landing operations have been moved to the far side of the empty warehouse that once stored extra sleighs. That more or less gave them a second sleigh barn to work with.

In any event, the effort overall has improved.

Here’s the latest from Kringle Radio:

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